About Us

HALAL IT Solution – As a Company

HALAL IT Solution is a source provider of Professional Business Services to corporate and government clients related to Information technology, both on domestic & international levels. Founded in 2007, and Registered in Arizona United State, not only HALAL IT Solution is providing efficient solutions to the businesses in the US Information technology industry but also assisting its clients in Europe and Middle East region mainly in Dubai, Kuwait & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These services include Information Technologies, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Customized Software Development, and Business Process Outsourcing at very competitive rates & time frame. These services are being rendered in standalone and bundled packages which may cover two or more services to better facilitate the needs of clients.

Mission Statement

To be extensively competitive in providing Professional business services solutions in the current challenging markets that would mark HALAL IT Solution to be the remarkable as well as the most reliable business associate & service provider with the clients.
  •  Winning the trust of the Client so that it feels proud to be our client.
  •  Adhering with the timelines in accordance to the deadlines.
  •  Cost & Time effective solution developments for clients.
  •  Capitalizing on current client pool to extend our services over to more businesses.
  •  Formulizing & Standardizing the Company with the modern standards of perfection in the Information technology industry.

Business Theory

At HALAL IT Solution we keep up to the core values which are basis for every successful business relations. Integrity is what we pride ourselves for what we commit we keep it to the end. Taking our commitments seriously we Honor them with respect. Faith in our selves & the experience of the leadership we have helps us to win the faith of the clients to feel the same pride in having business relations with us. Keeping the honesty, we openly communicate the difference of opinion on any strategy or business issue with the client & suggest them the other better alternatives. This is what has made our clients to value our extended & diverse experience for which we are proud of. Realizing the fact that the clients are the reasons for our existence, we strive to keep up with the modern business standards in order to assist our clients the professional manner. We at HALAL IT Solution, execute our activities in a pure business environment adhering to the best skill levels both at administration and Management levels.

Operational Model

Outsource Business Management

Recent trends in software development market show that it is no longer the most efficient way to work onshore. Competition is too high and in some particular cases, US or European IT firms have rolled back rather than to admit the situation and adapt them. As a logical sequence, almost each leading company engaged in IT sphere, whether publicly or secretly, outsources a part of its current work to third parties, often offshore. No wonder that South Asian offshore software development companies prosper. So what are the key factors that make companies to outsource?
  1. Cost of labor is often several times less than onshore.
  2. There is no need to maintain the whole technical infrastructure
  3. Company can concentrate mainly on marketing tasks
If you have made a decision to outsource a part or the whole project to our company, here is how you should take into consideration five simple reassurances.

Proper Research

We give you the proper research and complete background information about how to proceed with your work. We have a proper research team assigned for that specific task, and we consider all insight and knowledge about the current trends and the marketing strategy that you might want to follow.

Consult Alliances & Associates

Almost each country where IT industry is well developed has national alliances of software development companies. These pools of developers can become your first step in search for an outsourcing company. We take complete guidance from international organizations and consult on a day to day basis.


Communication is what you will appreciate during the whole project’s development in accordance with us, and that is where you should be most relaxed about our confidentiality policies.


The best way to make our company reliable is collaboration. According to which you would like to outsource. Additionally, we can make you relax a little, so you will be less occupied in extensive research and evaluation of legalities as we take responsibility for all collaborative responses. If you choose us, there will be no chance for you to be cheated by an unreliable company thousands of miles away. We let you research, consult, and communicate here at home.

Software Application Development

Application Development under HALAL IT Solution is divided in three phases, in order to synchronize, the work, characterize the needs, and provide the Quality. HALAL IT Solution guarantees the coverage of individual modules, by its specialized staff, dynamic management, and highly skilled developers. One of the major contributions of HALAL IT Solution is the coverage of the latest development in Biological Sciences, which have now become the needs of Research, the genetic manipulation, homology modeling, and probe generation, so called Bioinformatics which is focusing on the current generation of pharmaceutical needs of the modern world.

Software Development

Our Application development and Maintenance methodology, caters to the best of breed processes which helps in a successful on-time and above expected delivery. Stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills help clients get maximum return on their IT spending. We work with you to:
  •  Outline the solution.
  •  Define the solution architecture.
  •  Develop prototypes for demos to users.
  •  Design the framework of the solution.
  •  Build the solution.
  •  Validate the solution against requirements.
  •  Rolling out the solution across your organization.
  •  Continuous support for the Solution.

Custom Programming

At HALAL IT Solution we are committed to deliver best of the software solution services to our clients with the able assistance of our dedicated business personnel, sound infrastructure and strong financial foundation. We aim at establishing long term relationships with our clients and ensure that the benefits of Software developments are maximized while the risks are minimized. The Continuous support program for defined software solutions, sometimes enables the client to foresee the potential of the solution to be surpassing the initial desired levels, thus helps him understand the value of custom programming at hand. Through our custom programming which we provide at a very nominal rate in the current challenging IT world, the clients can make their already powerful solution even more reliable & strong objective achiever.

Web Development

Amongst many competitors in the field of web designing and development HALAL IT Solution strives hard to excel well in its project. Most of our clients have been with us for years and keep coming back for more. We are very proud of being a customer oriented design company, and we nurture all our business relationships with great care and adore. The website/online solutions we developed for our clients range from real estate, E-commerce, bidding, hotel, tour and travels, freelancing, health and awareness, Flash presentation and video streaming, and much more. Here we are dealing with,
  • Content Management System.
  • E Commerce website.
  • Web Services.
  • Website Designing.
  • Static & Dynamic Website development.
  • Database Integration.

3D Modeling & Character Animation

One of the most exciting trends of the modern IT industry is the extensive use of the 3D modeling almost in every aspect o life. Be it the entertainment industry or the civil architecture, even the current generation video game industry is heavily infested with the HIGH TECH 3D gaming with engorging scenes to deal with. HALAL IT Solution has two flavors to offer in this regard both for the cutting edge entertainment systems & the other deals with the modern architectural, civil engineering or manufacturing.

Mobile Applications

The latest in the industry by Apple to offer the deigning i-phone is one of the most & foremost in demand peripheral. With almost unmatched support and reliability this piece of hardware has harnessed a resource pool of multiple developers, designers & users worldwide. With so much potential attached to this magnificent gadget, HALAL IT Solution has dedicated & qualified team at hand to produce & deliver simple business solutions for i-phone. These simple solutions range from day to day usage to much more complex user demands interface which deals with heavy manipulation of data both in real time & offline mode. As of now, HALAL IT Solution is working & researching to establish its foot holds in the modern game design, structure & game development for the i-phone.

Marketing Administrative & Consulting Services

With the talented team on floor, HALAL IT Solution is providing its clients with unmatched variety of Marketing & general administration consultancy services which helps them to capitalize the opportunities to maximize their gains and market exposure. With multiple circles of elite class of business with strong referrals along with the induction of Arizona Times, HALAL IT Solution is admissibly on the front foot to gather round the leading market businesses in one ring with the sole objective of providing its clients with the best of the information of the market and its trend along with its leading contenders.
  • e-mail marketing
  • Web hosting
  • Customized Software Development
  • Customized Web Development

Unparalleled Graphic Designing

Our clients benefit from our ability to leverage from revolutionary information technology breakthroughs that enables us to provide inexpensive, high quality services and contribute to our client’s profits. HALAL IT Solution offers the best of the Graphic designing services which focus on multiple domains relating to the subjected expertise namely as entertainment, health & education and Information technology, which are cost effective and help organizations to better utilize their resources and focus on their competencies. At HALAL IT Solution , we work at a personal level with our clients to better understand their needs and offer solutions that are tailored to their requirements.
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • E-Fliers
  • Web Designing

Technology Bank & Platform

HALAL IT Solution provides high quality Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) to organizations in the global market. We serve our clients with highly qualified managerial and technical resource pool, which works for the needs of our customers with unparalleled dedication and an unmatched sense of service and quality. We Commit Quality and customer satisfaction because our values are set to be Trustworthy, Competitive, Responsive and Creative. With an infrastructure designed for future and technical expertise of a well experienced team we remain assured to back our claim to “Work for Your Growth”.  
  • .NET Technologies :  ASP.NET, Visual C, C#, ADO.NET, ADO.NET
  • Java Platform :  J2EE Enterprise System Development, J2SE & Java Applet
  • 3D Game Development :  Maya & 3D Max, Papervision 3D
  • Action Scrip 2.0 & 3.0
  • Php Drupal & Joomla
  • Php with mysql
  • Html & Dhtml
  • XML
  • Flash, Flex
  • Database Support: My Sql, SQL Server, ORACLE
We are dedicated to delivering an unmatched customer experience from great technology to world-class customer service.